2D/3DFull coverage, compatible with more than 5 materials

TZTEK 3D surface measuring system is a kind of non-contact measuring equipment for 3D surface product. With TZTEK-owned non-contact measurement technology can support high-precision measuring of overall dimension.



External dimension 1100×1135×1720(mm)
Range 200×90(mm)
Vertical ranging of probe 400×400×160(mm)
Rotating ranging of probe 200×200×50(mm)
Rotating angle of upper turntable ±100°
Rotating angle of lower turntable  Any angle 
Thickness measurement 2(mm)
Image measurement  5(μm)
Vertical ranging of probe 3(μm)
Rotating ranging of probe 5(μm)
Thickness measurement 5(μm)
Camera  5 mega-pixel black and white camera
Lens 0.068x Double telecentric lens
Software  TZTEK professional 3D measurement software
Air source  Standard air source for factory (air supply pressure: more than 0.7MPa) 
Working environment  Temperature 20℃±2℃, temperature change<2℃/hr and humidity 
Vibration<0.002g, lower than15Hz 
Power supply  220V/50Hz/3A