TZTEK - The First AI Company in the Industrial Sector, and Nearly 200 Companies Jointly Promote the Chinese AI Process

2017-06-27  views:1206

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Artificial intelligence has become the main driving force for the fourth industrial revolution represented by emerging technologies and industrial modes. From government affairs to business, from technology to life, a new vision for the future has been unfolded slowly. How should we seek new opportunities for development from the revolution?

Recently, the RAIC Conference, co-sponsored by the China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID Group) and the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance, was officially opened in Beijing. TZTEK, as the first representative of artificial intelligence enterprises in the industrial circle, was elected vice chairman of the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance, and awarded the "Innovative Company" medal by RAIC at the same time.

“AlphaGo” defeated the world Go champion Ke Jie in May this year. This "human-computer war" is also a remainder to people that the world is changing. However, in eyes of the development of artificial intelligence, such changes do not happen overnight, but are cradled in a long time. How do we promote innovation on the basis of technology accumulation, allowing new technologies and new products to emerge and develop at an exponential rate?

To this end, the China Center for Information Industry Development united more than 150 organizations such as software and hardware product companies, application companies, investment institutions, institutions of higher learning, and local (park) development agencies (departments) in the field of artificial intelligence to voluntarily form the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance, aiming at promoting the innovation and development of Chinese artificial intelligence industry, build an innovation cooperation and docking platform for artificial intelligence industry, integrate all kinds of industrial resources, provide industrial public services, and strive to do a good job of industrial eco-builders, technological innovation and distribution centers, production-and-melting adhesives, and industrial application propellers.

Since foundation, TZTEK, as a high-growth new technology innovation company, has been committed to serving precision manufacturing enterprises with artificial intelligence and information technology to improve product quality, increase production efficiency, and reduce production costs. Adhering to independent R&D, TZTEK has developed four product lines: precision measurement instruments, machine vision products, automation solutions, robots and cloud services. Moreover, TZTEK''''''''''''''''s automated solutions are used to build and transform smart factories for precision manufacturing customers, and have been successfully applied to consumer electronics, automotive parts, and FMCG products. Besides, TZTEK''''''''''''''''s robots and cloud services, which is a key layout business for the era of artificial intelligence, can provide smart robots, cloud quality inspection services, and big data analysis services for precision manufacturing enterprises,

TZTEK is the representative enterprise of Chinese precision manufacturing for artificial intelligence leaders and machine vision intelligent manufacturing experts. Chairman Xu Yihua made a speech entitled A New Generation of Industrial Robot Product Forms at the Robot Leaders’ Summit of RAIC Conference. He said that people generally think that a new generation of industrial robots must meet six standards: human-computer collaboration, IntelliSense, cheapness, easiness in use, light weight and load, and open platform. For the first two points in particular, he believed that the human-robot collaboration of industrial robots means that they can work synchronously with workers in industrial production, comply with the ISO 15066 collaborative robot design standards, support touch stop (power and force limitation) levels, and meet industry safety standards ISO 10218, ISO 12100 and ISO 13849. Besides, the positioning accuracy should reach 0.1 to 0.05 (with visual aids). IntelliSense is not an end but a means. He believed that vision sensors are embedded at low cost, and that IntelliSense can be implemented using Skyrim’s own powerful visual technology to develop highly integrated DSP+FPGA or ARM-based vision control integrated embedded expansion modules.

The development of artificial intelligence is changing with each passing day. No matter it is from the unity of artificial intelligence industry innovation alliances, or from the field of visual perception of artificial intelligence to enable robots and cloud services by TZTEK, all signify that artificial intelligence is driving a comprehensive upgrade of industrial technology innovation. TZTEK has the ambition to become an artificial intelligence leader in the industrial field, and with the mission of scientific and technological innovation, explores application scenarios and ecological construction in the industrial field.