The front-end process is a key element of the display panel manufacturing process. AOI inspection technology is used in the array panel manufacturing process to monitor appearance defects; the detection precision and efficiency play a vital role on product yield and cost. The detection of peripheral circuits and irregular regions is a major quality control problem faced by the array sections in display factories.
Project Overview
TZTEK’s AOI equipment for array processing adopts TZTEK’s independently developed Virgo software platform and a unique platform calibration technology. It is suitable for defect detection in array substrates throughout the manufacturing process, and features fast scanning speed and high imaging accuracy (detection precision of 1.0 μm/1.5 μm available).
Program Advantage

1.TZTEK's unique calibration platform technology supports better image stitching and realizes regional detection. Periodic comparison is adopted for the AA zones, while panel-to-panel comparison is adopted for the peripheral zones

2.TZTEK’s independently developed Virgo software platform supports the creation of rectangular, circular, semicircular, and other irregular maps

3.Detection precision of 1.0 μm / 1.5 μm available