With the accelerated deployment of new technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things, and people's increasing demand for high-quality displays, with ultra-thin and narrow frames becoming an inevitable trend among various display brands in recent years, the resulting quality control problems such as how to overcome light leaks caused by easy warping and deformation of ultra-thin panels in the manufacturing process and how to realize precise gluing of products with large R-angles, have become increasingly prominent.
Project Overview
TZTEK's automatic side gluing equipment adopts TZTEK’s independently developed Dispec software that integrates vision-guided automatic dispensing and detection functions, solving the problem of poor dispensing due to deformation of LCD panels and other large-size and thin flat panel display products, as well as reduces substation operation of dispensing and visual inspection, thereby saving space, reducing cost, and improving production efficiency.
Program Advantage

1.Combines vision and algorithm technology to realize edge scanning of large-size products, real-time correction of dispensing tracks and compensation of dispensing height.

2.A unique control system and algorithm, as well as multi-axis linkage are adopted for arc track coating, to complete the large R-angle coating process.

3.TZTEK’s independently developed detection system is equipped with powerful 2D/3D detection functions and integrates a variety of identification modes for precise detection of glue shapes and defects