In the traditional display panel manufacturing process, the polarizer is attached directly after the cell panel is cleaned. If there are defective products or glass debris attached to the surfaces during cell incoming or cleaning process, it can lead to material wastage and increased production cost. To avoid the wastage and increased cost, it is imperative that the process flow is optimized. 
Project Overview
TZTEK's POL pre-AOI detection equipment adopts a high-resolution and high-transmission speed line-scanning camera, as well as a special line light source with high luminance and high uniformity, which can reduce the outflow of defective products caused by back-end deflection. It can realize online full inspection, reduce manual detection inefficiencies, avoid direct polarizer attachment after the cell panel is cleaned during the manufacturing process of traditional display panels, and eliminate material wastage and reduce production cost incurred due to defective products or glass debris attached to surfaces during cell incoming or cleaning.
Program Advantage

1.By process optimization, direct detection after cleaning can be realized.

2.There is no direct contact with products using Pre-POL AOI inspection, thus avoiding product damage.

3.Real-time online full inspection ensures detection stability and reliability, and prevents defective products from flowing into the polarizer installation section

4.Foreign objects on both sides of the cell, bright spots, scratches, dust, residual glue, glass chips, edge breakage, and other appearance defects can be detected

5.Over-detection rate is less than 5% and omission rate is less than 0.5%

6.Applicable to all sizes of panels