Panel production is a systematic process. Visual inspection usually leads to low efficiency, unquantifiable defects, and other problems, indirectly leading to increased production costs and product wastage. With the increasingly stringent end customer requirements on product appearance quality as well as the annual increase in labor costs, fully automatic detection is no longer an option, but is in fact a requirement.
Project Overview
TZTEK's automatic module AOI equipment adopts vision algorithms independently developed by TZTEK and integrates precise motion control, high-speed high-resolution image acquisition and 2D/3D/PMD advanced vision detection technology, which can realize automatic defect detection in all exterior surfaces and wavy grain defects on the screen. It can replace the traditional manual inspection and improve detection quality, thereby increasing production yield, saving costs, and promoting the comprehensive improvement of the overall process level.
Program Advantage

1.The visual algorithm independently developed by TZTEK quantifies defects based on special aspects such as grayscale, size, and contrast, and unifies criteria to achieve precise detection and level classification.

2.TZTEK’s fully automatic module AOI equipment integrates 2D/3D/PMD advanced visual inspection technologies and can realize the detection of all surface defects and wavy grains on the screen in products

3.Automated loading and unloading is connected to the upstream and downstream of the production line, and all products are fully inspected at high speed, improving the delivery quality and reducing production costs.

4.White spots, scratches, edge breakage, different colors, dirt, wavy grains and other defects can be detected, with an over-detection rate of ≤10% and omission rate of ≤0.5%

5.TT - 2.5 s/PCS

6.Compatible panel size 3 - 8 inch