Mura defects seriously affect the image quality of products, resulting in low product yield and reduced profitability. With increasingly end customer stringent requirements on the image quality of OLED products and the continuous improvement of the OLED manufacturing process, the application of DEMURA equipment for repairing mura defects has become an important quality control method for brand manufacturers.
Project Overview
TZTEK's De-mura equipment adopts an innovative detection technology and image processing algorithm to effectively remove moiré and other optical interferences, and output high-precision pixel-level luminance data, which can be applied well after the OTP process of OLED panels, so as to effectively reduce uneven luminance. The luminance difference after compensation is less than 1 nit, and the compensation yield is ≥98%.
Program Advantage

1.TZTEK’s independently developed visual algorithm is adopted for pixel-level positioning, grayscale extraction, and other analysis, and matches the IC to complete the Demura process.

2.De-mura compensation yield exceeds 98%; the luminance difference between mura and normal zones after compensation is at 1 nit level.

3.Strong universality, suitable for special-shaped screens, flexible screens, and various IC models.

4.Compatible panel size 3 - 8 inch