Vela 23 X online glue dispensing & inspecting integrated system

Vela 23X online glue dispensing and inspecting integrated system belongs to TZTEK Vela Series, which is designed to satisfy the demand for online processes. Integrated with highly precise, fully automatic visual calibration and inspection features, Vela 23X ensures dispensing accuracy and result as well as the process quality. Combined with different valves , it can meet different product demands for curing and assembly in upstream and downstream processing links and improve the productivity.

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Model Vela 234 Vela 235
External Dimensions(mm) 900×1360×1600 1000×1460×1600
Weight of Equipment(kg) 900 1000
Dispense Area(mm) 400×500×50 500×600×100
Position Accuracy(mm) ±0.02
Repeated Accuracy(mm) ±0.01
Max. Speed(m/s) 1000(XY),300(Z)
Max. Acceleration(m/s2) 1g
Z-axis Payload(kg) 7.5
Control Mode AC Servo
Drive Mode Ball Screw
Conveyor load(kg) 6
conveyor height 900±30
conveyor width adjustment range 100~400 100~500