Vela 03X desktop glue dispensing & inspecting integrated system

The desktop glue dispensing and inspecting integrated system is an offline dispense system belong to TZTEK Vela series, which is intended for project preliminary stage or NPI stage. With integrated inspection feature, Vela 03X fully ensures dispense quality with low cost and compact design. It can also flexibly deal with the changing production demand of various research programs and improve productivity when combined with different valves .

  • Specification

    Specification Parameter

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Model Vela 034 Vela 035
External Dimensions(mm) 750×700×770 850×800×770
Weight of Equipment(kg) 400 500
Dispense Area(mm) 400×400×100 500×500×100
Position Accuracy(mm) ±0.02
Repeated Accuracy(mm) ±0.01
Max. Speed(m/s) 600(XY),300(Z)
Max. Acceleration(m/s2) 0.4g
Z-axis Payload(kg) 7.5
Workbench Payload(kg) 20
Control Mode AC Servo
Drive Mode Ball Screw