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Data Reinjection
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Product Description

TZTEK data reinjection device is used to reinject data from autonomous driving or ADAS sensors into the domain controller to assist algorithm developers in accelerating algorithm verification and iteration cycle.

Commonly used sensors include cameras, lidar, millimeter wave radar, and sensors that come with the vehicle such as wheel tachometers and accelerometers. The reinjection device can accurately reinject the data collected by the sensors into the vehicle-mounted computing unit or controller, allowing the sensing fusion algorithm to run the same data for multiple times to accelerate the verification and iteration cycle of the sensing fusion algorithm.

Product Characteristics

  • Up to 100Gbps bandwidth for data acquisition from NAS; up to 16-channel 4K@30fps video stream, 8-channel laser radar, 8-channel CAN, 2-channel 232, 2-channel 485 for data reinjection
  • Use of hardware trigger mechanism to achieve simultaneous reinjection of multi-channel data
  • Use of high-capacity caching mechanism to effectively process and forward data in real time
  • The reinjection configuration interface uses the gold finger and the reinjection hardware interface configuration can be changed according to user requirements