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GEAC91S Series

The TZTEK GEAC91S controller is an AI edge computing device based on the NVIDIA JETSON AGX XAVIER embedded GPU module with 32TOPS computing power. The enclosure has an IP65 protection level and is able to meet the high complexity and high reliability requirements of industrial application scenarios. The GEAC91S controller has a set of hardware time synchronization circuit, whose accuracy can reach microsecond level.

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Product Characteristics

  • 8-core ARM CPU up to 2.26 GHz frequency and 512-core CUDA in GPU.
  • 8 GMSL2 interfaces, compatible with GMSL1, each individually triggered.
  • 4 independent gigabit ethernet ports, supporting PTP and NTP time service,Optional 4G, 5G, M .2 SSD, and 10 gigabit ethernet function modules inside.
  • IP65 protection level; Working environment temperature range of -20 -60 ° C with full load; Vibration tolerance with random vibration of 3Grms 10-1000 Hz.
  • MTBF > 50000 hours
  • Rich interfaces with loose-proof and waterproof design, supporting multi-sensor access
  • Meeting CE-EMC certification standards
Application Scenarios
自动驾驶Sensor Hub
自动驾驶Sensor Hub
V2X MEC控制器
V2X MEC控制器
Certifications Standards