TADC-D52 vehicle-mounted domain controller

Automatic parking, high speed navigation, city navigation
TADC-D52 vehicle-mounted domain controller
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Product Description

The TZTEK TADC-D52 domain controller is designed specifically for self-driving vehicles. There are two Horizon J5 computing units inside the controller, which are able to meet the critical computing power requirement from the complicated operations of multi-sensor data fusion, object classification, behavior forecast, control strategy determination, and so on. An automotive grade MCU-Semidrive E3 of high performance is embedded on the carrying board to execute the critical tasks of controlling the vehicle and managing the system status. TADC-D52 controller supports GMSL camera, laser radar, millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic radar and other commonly used sensors on self-driving vehicles. There are two versions of water cooling and air cooling available for the product. The controller meets the requirements of Automotive Grade, and is capable of common high level self-driving scenarios such as NOP/NOA navigation driver assistance and automatic parking.

Product Characteristics

  • Built-in Horizon J5 SOC computing units inside, with computing power of up to 256 DL TOPS
  • Built-in automotive grade MCU processor to run the safety system that meets the requirements of Automotive Grade
  • Support PPS, GPRMC, Trigger, PTP and other commonly used external timing interfaces
  • Built-in hardware timing synchronization circuit to provide a safe and reliable clock source for the automatic driving on-board system