Machine Vision Intelligent Manufacturing

TZTEK, established in 2005 and headquartered in Suzhou, China.On Jul. 22,2019,TZTEK was officially listed on the STAR Market , stock code: 688003.

TZTEK is committed to promoting industrial transformation and progress through leading artificial intelligence technology. Specifically, TZTEK, taking machine vision as its core technology, specializes in serving industrial customers and helping enterprises realize digitalization and intelligent development. Its main products are industrial intelligent equipment, including precision measuring instruments, intelligent testing equipment, intelligent manufacturing systems, unmanned logistics vehicles, etc., with functions covering multiple key areas in industrial fields such as measurement and defect detection, automatic production and assembly, and intelligent warehousing and logistics.

4Product Lines

Due to its long-term focus on scientific and technological innovation and high-end positioning, TZTEK has become a successful example of independent innovation by a high-end brand. It is dedicated to serving industrial customers, with industrial intelligent equipment as its main products. At present, four product lines have been established, including precision measuring instruments,intelligent detecting &measuring equipment, intelligent manufacturing systems, and unmanned logistics vehicles, respectively.

  • Precision measuring instrument
    Precision measuring instruments, as professional equipment for high-precision dimensional detection of industrial parts, are a practical application of machine vision technology in the field of industrial testing, and can be widely used in a variety of areas, including the manufacturing industry.
  • Intelligent Detecting & Measuring Equipment
    Intelligent testing equipment enables real-time, online measurement and defect detection for industrial components and products by applying machine vision technology to situations requiring online detection on industrial assembly lines.
  • Intelligent Manufacturing System
    Intelligent manufacturing systems are a series of complete equipment and solutions for industrial assembly and production that realize intelligent functions such as robot guidance, automatic identification, online detection, and data traceability through application of machine vision and other advanced technologies.
  • Unmanned Logistics Vehicles
    Unmanned logistics vehicles are a type of unmanned vehicle applied in outdoor and indoor situations, providing unmanned transportation of goods, e-commerce order distribution, and other services for both enterprises and terminal consumers.
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Taking Machine Vision as Core Technology

National Science Instrument Major Project / National High-Tech Enterprise / National Torch Plan / Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award

Driven by scientific and technological innovation, and taking machine vision as its core technology, TZTEK pays close attention to the needs of industrial enterprise customers, and provides them with industry-leading industrial intelligent equipment products through constant, powerful scientific and technological innovation. TZTEK has gathered hundreds of R&D elites at home and abroad, and has continuously invested in R&D on science and technology frontiers such as machine vision algorithms, industrial data platforms, advanced vision sensors, and precision drive-control technologies to build and strengthen its technical infrastructure. It has independent intellectual property rights and has applied for more than 100 patents, of which more than 60 have been authorized, and from which five national and industry standards and norms have been formulated. Additionally, it has won many honors, including "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Torch Plan" and "Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award". TZTEK has also compiled a monograph on image measurement technology - Basic Technology of Image Measuring Instruments - with the National Institute of Metrology, which has become an important technical guide in the industry.

In 2013, the Project "Development and Application of Compound High-precision Coordinate Measuring Instruments" led by TZTEK was selected as a "Special Project for the Development of National Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment". It then passed preliminary acceptance, and the instrument’s accuracy reached "0.3 micron".

Create greater value for customers

Create great value for customer

Promote the precision manufacturing competitiveness in China

From the beginning, TZTEK has always been based in the fields of modern, intelligent, and future industry. After more than a decade of continuous development, TZTEK's products and services have covered many middle and high-end users at home and abroad, and have begun to build influence in the industry. However, we are well aware that the journey is just beginning, and the road ahead is full of challenges and difficulties. China's precision manufacturing industry is undergoing a historic transformation, from simply large to strong; meanwhile, it faces the latest round of fierce global competition in the industrial intelligence industry, with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Only by carefully grasping the trend of industrial development, meeting the needs of every customer, and serving customers with sincerity, can we survive and develop in this round of global competition, create more value for customers, and truly promote the competitiveness of the precision manufacturing industry in China.