Devoted to Smart Industry

TZTEK Company was founded in 2005 and headquartered in Suzhou, China.On July 22, 2019, TZTEK was officially listed on the STAR Market, Stock code: 688003.

TZTEK is committed to promoting digitalization and intelligentization of industry with leading technologies and is committed to creating an excellent vision equipment platform enterprise, with major products including vision metrology equipment, vision inspection equipment, vision process equipment, intelligent driving vehicles solution, etc.

In the aspect of precision manufacturing fields like industrial metrology consumer electronics, semiconductor, PCBs, photovolatic and NEVs, TZTEK provides high-end equipment e.g., vision metrology equipment, vision inspection equipment and vision process equipment, to promote transition of manufacturing industry towards higher efficiency, higher quality, and higher intelligence. Meanwhile, in the aspect of intelligent driving vehicles,TZTEK offers domain controllers, edge computing products and solutions to drive industry development and improve people’s lives.

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Taking Machine Vision as Core Technology

including National Torch Plan / National High-tech Enterprise / National level specialized and innovative little giant / National High-Tech Enterprise

Driven by scientific and technological innovation, and taking machine vision as its core technology, TZTEK pays close attention to the needs of industrial enterprise customers, and provides them with industry-leading industrial intelligent equipment products through constant, powerful scientific and technological innovation. TZTEK has gathered hundreds of R&D elites at home and abroad, and has continuously invested in R&D on science and technology frontiers such as machine vision algorithms, industrial data platforms, advanced vision sensors, and precision drive-control technologies to build and strengthen its technical infrastructure. It has independent intellectual property rights and has applied for more than 600 patents, and from which 21 national and industry standards and norms have been formulated. Additionally, it has won many honors, including National Torch Plan" "National High-tech Enterprise",  "National level specialized and innovative little giant"and“ National High-Tech Enterprise” .TZTEK has also compiled a monograph on image measurement technology - Basic Technology of Image Measuring Instruments - with the National Institute of Metrology, which has become an important technical guide in the industry.

In 2013, the Project "Development and Application of Compound High-precision Coordinate Measuring Instruments" led by TZTEK was selected as a "Special Project for the Development of National Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment". The project has passed the comprehensive acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the instrument’s accuracy reached "0.3 micron".

Create greater value for customers

Create great value for customers

One of First Three Companies Approved By Star Market

TZTEK always adheres to the business philosophy of “Customer Comes First” and has been insisting on high R&D investment to strengthen capabilities of industrial application and technology. By closely cooperating with leading customers of various industries, TZTEK keeps going deeply into application scenarios and developing targeted solutions with high applicability.

Meanwhile, focusing on technologies of artificial intelligence and precision optical-electro-mechanical, TZTEK has built a high-level and strongly coallabrative talent team and a scientific R&D management system to consistently provide iindustrial  leading technologies and products.

After over a decade of intensive efforts and development, TZTEK has served 5,000+ worldwide mid-to-high-end industrial customers. In the future, TZTEK will continue to focus on the fields of intelligent industry with its best efforts as well as a long term policy, in order to provide excellent industrial vision equipment and create greater value for customers