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Specification Parameter

Model AOI-M10 AOI-M05
External dimensions(mm) 1962×1490×1820(L×W×H)
Equipment weight(t) 1.1
Equipment power(Vac,Hz,KW) 380,50,7
Processing method Manual loading and unloading
Camera type Monochrome / Color line scan camera
Inspection area(mm) 600×600(MAX)
CT(s/side) 24(Taking 500×400 mm product as an example) 50(Taking 400×250 mm product as an example)
Reference material format Gerber (RS274X)、ODB++
Detection board thickness(mm) 0.06-2
Minimum line width / line spacing(mil) 2/2 1/1
Defect confirmation AOI online confirmation + VRS split confirmation
Defect range Open circuit, short circuit, notch, convex copper, exposed steel, pinhole, oxidation, scratch,residual copper, through/blind/plug hole, film clamping, adhesive stain, etc.
Copper thickness range Within 3 oz
Detection material Can be used for FR4, FR5, aluminum substrate, RTF, etc.
Temperature and humidity 22±2℃ , 50±10%