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Oil pump is an vital part of the automobile engine, with very strict requirements on assembly. Such kinds of production lines were totally imported in the past, however, in recent years, with progress of domestic technology, they have gradually been domestically produced. And TZTEK has been accumulating rich experience in this product and becoming one of handful domestic suppliers for oil pump production line.

With TZTEK-owned innovative flexible antomation design ,alone with TZTEK-owned design in intelligent rapid inspection, TZTEK Automated Assembly & Inspection Solution for Oil Pump integrates 8 core processes into one system, including loading, coding, cleaning, assembly, performance testing, appearance inspection, error proofing and unloading, to meet the requirements of flexibly automated and high-efficiency assembly and quality control for multiple kinds of oil pumps.

  • Compatibility

    Stronger compatibility to support rapid identification and switching of multiple models

  • Automatic

    Automatic assembly and inspection

  • “0” Damage

    Non-contact with "0" damage

  • More efficient

    More efficient assembly and inspection

  • Low cost

    Lower total costs

8key processes


Automated Assembly & Inspection Solution for Oil Pump