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Automatic assembly and inspection for piston can significantly improve assembly efficiency, stabilize product quality, and dramatically reduce labor costs. TZTEK Piston Piston Automatic Assembly & Inspection Solution helps your products standing out from the competition.

With TZTEK-owned patents in floating modular design,alone with innovative technology in intelligent rapid inspection, TZTEK Piston Automatic Assembly & Inspection Solution integrates eight core processes for piston assembly and quality control into one system, inlcuding loading, pre-assembly inspection, pre-assembly treatment, part assembly, post-assembly inspection, functional testing, appearance inspection and data analysis, with which to fully meet your requirements on piston assembly and quality control.

  • Rapid

    Rapid changeover of models

  • Stable

    Stable operation

  • High efficiency

    High efficiency on assembly and inspection

8key processes


Piston Automatic Assembly & Inspection Solution