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New energy vehicles ushered in rapid development in China, and the market for turbocharged, hybrid, and pure electric vehicles is constantly growing, creating a huge demand for electronic vacuum pumps. TZTEK, as an expert in intelligent manufacturing, provides a more efficient, stable, and economical solution for production, consisting of automatic assembly and detection solutions for electronic vacuum pumps.

TZTEK's assembly and detection solutions for electric vacuum pumps, relying on TZTEK’s mature modular design, advanced control technology, and intelligent detection precision, integrate 12 core processes in assembly and detection of electric vacuum pumps, including feeding, block press fitting, rotor blade assembly, gap adjustment, muffler installation, muffler assembly, airtightness detection, assembly performance detection, coding, bush assembly, accessory assembly, and blanking, into an automated intelligent system, thereby providing a powerful guarantee for your capacity.

  • Stable

    Stable operation of production lines

  • Accurate

    Accurate monitoring of production quality

  • High efficiency

    High efficiency of assembly

  • Traceability

    Satisfactory traceability

  • Low cost

    Less labour investment,lower total costs

11key processes


Assembly and detection solutions for electric vacuum pumps