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Shock absorber is one of key parts that can directly affect the life of a vehicle, therefor it's utmost important to find a solution to assemble and inspect shock absorber efficiently and stablly.

Utilizing multiple TZTEK-owned patents alone with innovative design in intelligent rapid inspection, TZTEK Auto-assembly Solution for Shock Absorber integrates 11 core processes into one system, including loading, assembly, oiling, indication, rolling, cleaning, inspection, defective product separation, data uploading, packaging, and unloading ,thereby to reduce overall assembly costs of automotive shock absorber.

  • Efficient

    More efficient assembly

  • Better compatibility

    Better compatibility

  • Automation

    Higher-level automation

  • Low cost

    Less labour investment,lower total costs

  • Digital docking

    Better digital docking with smart factories

11key processes


Auto-assembly Solution for Shock Absorber