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Caliper is one of key basic parts of automobile brake system, while currenlty people has been faced with problems such as multiple models and slow changeover during automatical assembly for calipers, especially electronic calipers.

With TZTEK-owned patents in intelligent and automatic technology, TZTEK complete line assembly solution for electronic caliper integrates 9 processes into one system, including loading, tagging, cleaning, assembly, functional testing, appearance inspection, marking, final inspection and packaging. And therefore brings fast switching of models, high assembly efficiency, low manufacturing cost and good traceability,with which to continuously meet your production requirments.

  • High efficiency

    Significantly promote manufacturing efficiency via rapid changeover for multi-models

  • Low cost

    Reduce production costs with less labour investment

  • Traceability

    As process data is traceable, each product would have individual "digital archive"

9key processes


Complete Line Assembly Solution for Electronic Caliper