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In order to support final assembly of finished automobile on continuous inspection, automatic judgement and efficient changeover of models, as well as maintaining stable test rhythm and accuracy, more intelligent inspection solution is required, and then comes, TZTEK Appearance Inspection Solution For Auto.

Utilizing TZTEK-owned innovative tetchnology in data data analysis and management, TZTEK Appearance Inspection Solution For Auto integrates 7 major processes into one system, and allows co-ordination for multiple robots at a time,therefore can automatically complete 7 processes in limited time preseted, including model identification, body part identification, body color identification, inspection program switchiing, appearance scanning, gap and mismatch detection, and data analysis.

  • Stable

    More stable operation

  • Compatibility

    Strong compatibility, intelligent model identification and switching

  • Automatic

    Automatical running throughout all processes

  • Monitoring

    Complete 140 monitoring points in 1 minute

7key processes


Appearance Inspection Solution for Auto