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At present, there are more than 600 water meter manufacturers in China with arroud 70 million annual output. While fierce competition, low-level automation, and high labor costs have become bottlenecks for the development of water meter manufacturers. To ensure a stable manufacturing quality in efficient but low-cost production, a more automated solution is required, and here comes TZTEK Auto-assembly Solution for Water Meter.

Utilizing TZTEK-owned innovative design alone with TZTEK automatical assmembly technology, TZTEK Auto-assembly Solution for Water Meter integrates 10 major processes of assembly and quality control into one system, including loading, board splitting, calibration, dispensing, filling, marking, assembly, testing and packaging, therefore to help your products win out from the market.

  • Automation

    High-level automation

  • More efficient

    High assembly efficiency

  • Lower costs

    Less labour investment,lower total costs

10key processes


Auto-assembly Solution for Water Meter