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Intercooler is an essential accessory for turbocharged engines, while the automated assembly equipment for intercoolers has always being with problems of high purchasing cost, poor model compatibility, and slow after-sale response,etc. How to meet current requirments of automated assembly at low cost but high efficiency, and meanwhile respond to ever-changing new manufacturing requirements in the future? More compatible automation solution is required, and here comes TZTEK Auto-assembly Solution for Intercooler.

With TZTEK-owned innovative automation design,TZTEK Auto-assembly Solution for Intercooler integrates 6 core processes into one system, including loading, product identification, part assembly, quality inspection, error alarm and unloading, to continuously meet the requirements of efficient assembly and quality control for multiple models of intercoolers.

  • Low cost

    Less labour investment, lower costs

  • “0” Damage

    Non-contact with "0" damage

  • More efficient

    Intelligent error prevention and efficient management,
    Automatic identification of models and efficient switching

6key processes


Auto-assembly Solution for Intercooler