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Dialyzer is a disposable medical device that is necessary for patients suffering from renal failure during dialysis. Hence, highly efficient, dust-free and traceable assembly and inspection for dialyzer are particularly important.

Utilizing streamline automation design as well as TZTEK-owned technology in intelligent and automated assembly and inspecion,TZTEK Auto-Assembly & Inspection Solution For Dialyzer integrates 10 core processes into one system, including loading, conveying, grabbing, separating, laminating, functional testing, apperance inspection, code spraying, diverging and packaging, with belt transmission speed up to1,000mm/s, and capacity up to 40s per box, to fully meet the requirements of assembly and quality control for dialyzer.

  • Stable

    Stable operation

  • Low investment

    Less labour investment

  • Traceability

    Good traceability

  • Continuous

    Able to work continuously

10key processes


Auto-Assembly & Inspection Solution For Dialyzer