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Oil cooler is an important part of the automotive lubrication system, and the assembly quality of which directly affects first pass yield of products and manufacturing cost. Therefore, more compatible and flexible assembly solution is required to guarantee the liftime benefits by the lowest cost and one-time investment, and here comes TZTEK Auto-assembly Solution For Oil Cooler .

Utilizing TZTEK-owned flexible antomation design ,alone with TZTEK intelligent database, TZTEK Auto-assembly Solution For Oil Cooler integrate the assemblies of many different types of oil coolers into one system, and provide automatical and rapid identification and switching, meanwhile support data connection to the smart factory, therefore help you meet the new assembly requirements in the future efficiently and continuously at the lowest cost.

  • Hight efficiency

    Faster changeover,hight efficiency of assembly and inspection

  • Stable

    More stable operation

  • Automation

    Higher-level automation

  • Lower costs

    Less labour investment,lower costs

  • “0” Damage

    Non-contact with "0" damage

Multiple Key Processes


Auto-assembly Solution For Oil Cooler