Thermal Management System Assembly LineAssembly Line
Project Overview

The production line of this project consists of 11 stations (5 assembling stations, 3 visual inspection stations, 1 testing EOL station and 2 blanking stations), and the core processes include screw tightening, sealing ring press fitting, vibration plate, oiling, press fitting, EOL, and arc surface automatic labeling.

Benefit Advantages

The line is designed to be operated by less than 3 operators with ultra-high automation, reducing the labor costs of more than one million per year compared to the traditional semi-automatic manual production line, and increasing the production capacity to more than 150% of the traditional production line, thus greatly improving the production efficiency

Full item detection by camera (2D, 3D, line scan, line laser) to realize the whole process quality control of product parts from incoming materials to finished products

Combination of visual guidance and robot which greatly reduces the assembly rejection rate of the production line to <1%

Highly automated design allows for the A-level traceability throughout the line, enabling full dimensional traceability of all parts and semi-finished products including raw materials for OK/NG products

Thermal Management System Assembly Line
Electronic Water Pump Assembly LineAssembly Line
Project Overview

The production line of the project consists of 5 lines: stator line, assembly line, rotor line, sampling line and packaging line. The core processes of production lines include automatic loading and unloading by vision-guided robot, laser marking, stator winding, servo press fitting, 3D & 2D camera detection, laser line scanning and detection, hot riveting, and stator performance test.

Benefit Advantages

Unmanned automatic production to reduce labor costs for factories and improve productivity and consistency of production

Whole process quality control of the product parts from the incoming materials to the finished products, with the assembly yield≥ 99% through vision, sensors, standard instruments and other measurement and monitoring means

Production pace: Daily output of 4800 electronic water pumps and annual output of 1.7 million pumps for customers at a speed of 15s/piece

Real-time online monitoring of the product production process and the production line status by data traceability system of the production process via network, to ensure the traceability of the quality data of the whole process of product assembling and testing and the efficiency of the production line

Electronic Water Pump Assembly Line