Electronic Shock Absorber Assembly LineAssembly Line
Project Overview
The project consists of three lines, the first line for assembling of the connecting rod sub-assembly, the second line for assembling of the cylinder barrel sub-assembly, and the third line for the combined assembling, in which there are 23 stations across the whole line, and the core processes include connecting rod riveting, vacuum oiling, outer cylinder sealing, assembly inflation, and force value testing.
Benefit Advantages

Three modules flexibly configured to complete different product sub-assemblies

Capable of in-line testing and loading testing

Compatible with different product types

MES system enabling accurate traceability of large parts and traceability of small parts to batches

Electronic Shock Absorber Assembly Line
Caliper Actuator Assembly LineAssembly Line
Project Overview

The line is used for assembling and testing of dual-piston hydraulic calipers with 22 stations. The core processes include gas tightness testing, press fitting, oiling, screw driving and visual inspection.

Benefit Advantages

Except for some large materials, the rest are automatic stations, making the whole line highly automated

Fast production pace, high flexibility with robots in key parts, and high compatibility at a later stage

New production line to improve quality control requirements with full traceability of the process

Caliper Actuator Assembly Line