Test sieves: with a test sieve Standard Specification for treat sieve material particle size analysis sieve; there are two types, namely metal wire woven screen test sieve net and the metal hole plate test, two kinds of test sieves are round or square, consists of a screen frame and the screen surface. In the past people used to describe the mesh sieve, but in recent years, with the sieve size sieve description. In the international and national standards, has been basically not to mention the number of. For analysis of screen is mainly used to measure powder particle size and content, particle size distribution, it with the mesh size related, and with mesh has no direct relationship. At present, the test sieve is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, abrasive materials, pigments, mining, metallurgy, geology, ceramics, national defense and other industries of scientific research units, laboratories, laboratory, production control, etc.

2、Measuring Element

Test sieves appearance size is mainly mesh size and mesh number, which sieve size mainly includes perimeter, area, length and width of.


At present, the vast most test sieve manufacturers to use the test screen calibration generally use the tool microscopes and other equipment to these nets screen mesh sieve size can be measured. Test screen on the universal tool microscope glass countertops, either take a sample site, with a universal tool microscope longitudinal direct measurement, the main principle is using He Ne laser beam through to be measured screen generated by Fraunhofer diffraction method and principle of the mesh sieve size determination, and analyzes the error of the measurement method. The laser beam with a radius of R is vertically arranged on the screen surface of the screen, and a white screen which is parallel to the screen of the screen is arranged at a distance. Using a laser beam through the net sieve of Fraunhofer diffraction pattern will clearly projection on the white screen read of X, y size. Above methods were manually. This way of heavy workload, low efficiency, to the local metering Department has brought a lot of difficulties.


With the development of modern manufacturing technology, enterprise in the constant search for a variety of effective technological means to upgrade and methods, so as to update the technology, better quality and lower cost and in the fierce competition in the market competition win. Days the company in this test sieve size detection market is promoted to the front, R & D team with its exquisite technology successfully developed automatic image analyzer test sieve calibration function, to solve test sieve size and carefully designed. On the basis of the automatic image measuring instrument, the automatic calibration of the test screen is realized by the advanced software design! The operation is simple, quick and convenient, which not only meets the calibration accuracy but also ensures the measurement efficiency, and is warmly welcomed by the measurement departments around the country!