3C product design includes smart phones, smart watches, tablets, wearable smart products, dashboards, and other 3D products emerged one after another. 3D curved glass is characterized by lightness, transparency and cleanliness, fingerprint resistance, and dazzle resistance, hardness, scratching resistance, good weather resistance, etc., which can be made into many shapes for various 3D products. Characterized by novel and special design and good texture, it can add the excellent touch feeling and wireless charging function brought by the touch function of the arc edge, solve the problem of insufficient space for antenna layout and enhance the function of receiving, so that products will be more beautiful and excellent.

2、Measuring Element

2D size, thickness, curvature, radian, position, profile, etc.


As the increasingly popular 3D curved products, all major manufacturers continue to launch a large number and a wide range of 3C products of different models. Due to its features of complex process and high rejection rate, and in terms of test and OQC of the production process of geometric dimensions, full inspection often replaces the previous random inspection to prevent the loss of rejected goods. The traditional image measurement system and the coordinate measuring machine cannot handle a large number of inspections, and their poor efficiency becomes the bottleneck of quality control. On the other hand, the detection accuracy of 3D curved data also gradually tests a variety of traditional measuring equipment. The rate of accidental injury caused by the coordinate measuring machine remains high. The high price forces major manufacturers to seek for more suitable measuring equipment.


The detection efficiency and precision of 2D is the first problem faced by 3D curved glass. TZTEK VMQ432 uses the large field of vision and double-rate system, so that the diameter of view reaches up to 100mm, and the measuring efficiency is more than 10 times that of traditional optical instruments, so that glass can be completed in only a few seconds. On the 400*300 platform, glass placed in array has greatly saved the time for loading and unloading materials. Since the accuracy of VMQ432 reaches up to 2um±L/200, it's highly favored in terms of glass detection.
Combined with the independently developed high coverage flash-test measuring system, TZTEK has redesigned the 3D curved measuring system. It has added the spectral confocal sensor and achieved zero loss without deformation through data of the non-contact measuring surface. The one-button operation design and the design of multiple operating modes of the whole machine and the original five-axis linkage mechanical structure perfectly solve the measuring problems of various curvatures and materials.