In general, stamping parts refer to that in the room temperature, steel/non-ferrous metal and other sheet metal molds are processed into the specified shapes under pressure provided by the press machine. Hardware stamping parts are mainly applied to automobile industry stamping focusing on drawing, automobile parts stamping focusing on punching, electrical appliance stamping, stamping of daily necessities, stamping of household appliance parts, special stamping of aviation parts, etc.

2、Measuring Element

Geometric dimension, position, straightness, burr


High efficiency of stamping production, and the daily output of the most used in the stamping process of hardware processing is often the largest in a factory. Random inspection is also used generally. Due to its high processing efficiency, random inspection requires efficient coordination to avoid manufacturing defective goods. The risk arising from measuring efficiency is the most common problems in this type of tests. At the same time, in terms of tangential manufacturing of many kinds of stamping products, switching of testing programs and programming efficiency are also very demanding. Quick programming is one of the key points for inspecting measuring instruments.


The stable and high-speed control mode is the most basic design goal with the most lasting attention of the control system specifically developed by TZTEK for the series of automatic instruments. As for coping with efficient measurement, besides stability of measurement results and high speed, TZTEK controllers improve the rigidity of accessories in hardware. The software is equipped with the automatically identifying DXF drawings can perfectly import drawings of the stamping work piece to achieve quick programming. This has greatly reduced the huge trouble brought by previously prepared measuring programs!