Mold refers to various moulds and tools as required by products that are manufactured by injection molding, blow molding, extruding, pressure casting or forging and pressing, smelting, stamping, etc. In short, mold is used to manufacture forming products, and are composed of various parts. Different molds consists of different parts. It can process the shape of products by changing the physical condition of the formed materials. With the title of "origin of industrial manufacture".

2、Measuring Element

Plastic mold and metal mold are generally directly shaped. Meanwhile, mold has higher requirements for precision and quality, and the precision is generally required to be lower than 0.02mm. Generally, molds have higher requirements of measurement precision for appearance length, width and height and some form and location tolerance.


Generally, the technical process of molds last for a long time, and manufacture is relatively intense. Most molds are products assembled with other spare parts. In most cases, other parts have been completed, just urgently waiting form matching launch of molds. Due to the extremely strict requirements for shape or dimension precision of manufactured products and different characteristics of mold materials, it is also required to repeatedly test and modify molds after manufacturing, thus making the delivery and shipment quite intense.


TZTEK instruments can complete measurement at one time, and rapidly measure work piece dimensions in the same task for the same work pieces.