Connector as the transport current or signal connection device of two active devices, widely used in aviation, spaceflight, national defense, automobile industry, computer communications industry industry, with the continuous development of these applications, the market capacity of the connector is also gradually expanding.
The technical innovation of connector industry is mainly focused on the micro technology and precision connection of connectors. Facing the development of micro connector, high precision mould and automatic production and assembly, the control of size, position and profile is developed to the direction of high precision and high efficiency.

2、Measuring Element

Blind hole, array measurement, dimensions


For deep and blind hole internal use of ordinary light observation, fuzzy and even unable to illuminate inside, deep hole and the hole size cannot be measured;
Connection holes or needles are often array type, one by one to extract, to bring the programming unnecessary trouble;
White or black color, the surface image is not clear, the more difficult to use image capture.


1) TZTEK instrument can be installed coaxial parallel incident light, blind hole, can clearly see the deep hole, blind hole image;
2) Array type rapid programming, the day of the quasi instrument oil matrix, ring array, image, coordinate system array, etc., the preparation of the program is simple, easy to operate;
3) TZTEK of quasi image measuring instrument using the industrys unique six ring eight area surface light, 48 sectors can be controlled independently, to provide a full range of light source radiation;
4) TZTEK standard equipment can be mounted to the touch sensor, perfectly matched with imaging probe, conventional non-contact inconvenience or unable to detect the elements of the measurement tasks, the measurement precision can reach 3 μ m.