It is a new rectification technology emerging in recent years, which is designed to fix human bones for orthodontics and has developed mature. Generally, titanium is used as raw material, and stainless steel is also used in some domestic products.

2、Measuring Element

Major diameter, minor diameter, length and others of bone nail


Since bone nail belongs to threaded products, one the one hand, it is impossible to manually detect precisely, and on the other hand, it is impossible to perfectly measure all dimensions through contact measurement. Failure to contact some dimension probe makes it impossible to measure


TZTEK - VME image measuring instrument is equipped with an image measuring software with powerful functions in this field, especially suitable for measuring products of numerous types and small batches. The functions of automatic focusing, automatic lighting and automatic edge-finding of the software can effectively solve errors caused by manual measurement, and measurement equipped with fixture needle can ensure accuracy and consistency of measurement. It is designed with original electronic screens lens in this field and automatic software identification. Measurement data can be rapidly exported in Word, Excel and other statement forms and easily managed.