Spring is a kind of mechanical parts that work with flexibility. The part made of elastic material is deformed under the action of external force, and the original state is recovered after the external force is removed. Also for spring. Generally made of spring steel. Spring types are complicated, according to the shape, the main spiral spring, scroll spring, plate spring, shaped spring etc.
Spring surface quality inspection is an important part of spring processing. When testing, the performance of the spring is determined by various test methods, so that the quality of the spring of quantitative numerical, for the enterprises quality management and tracking to provide a correct basis for assessment.

2、Measuring Element

Spring appearance inspection and size detection (including spring length, wire diameter, line spacing and effective number).


The existing spring detecting method is generally vernier caliper tool visual manual, this method is not only low efficiency and big error. Some companies from foreign imports of advanced equipment for automatic detection of spring, which greatly increases the cost of production, on the other hand, the maintenance of equipment is also very difficult.


Compared with the original artificial detection system, the quality of the spring is measured by the standard image measuring instrument:
1)High - precision detection. If the requirement of the artificial detection spring is less than 0.5mm, and the size of the image detection can achieve the detection error within + 0.01mm;
2)The detection speed. The time of artificial detection of a spring is about 3S, and the detection time of the image detection system is 1s;
3)Emotional] artificial detection and eye easy to fatigue, is not easy to keep the detection effect; however visual detection effect is stable and the accuracy of duplicate detection with a spring was 100%, and 24 hours non-stop detection.