Automobile interior trimming is referred to as "Interiors System". We can know from the English term "Interiors" that this part does not only have the function of decoration, but also involve abundant functionality, security and engineering properties. Automobile exterior trimming is referred to as "Exterior System". Exterior system mainly involves frontier and rear bumpers, glass, anti-collision adornment on automobile door, air-inlet grille, luggage carrier, hatch, rear-view mirror, automobile door, accessories and sealing strip. Interiors and exterior systems constitute important parts of automobiles, and the design workload of interiors and exterior systems accounts for more than 60% that of automobile model design, being one of the most important parts of automobile. In an automobile factory, plenty of works related to interiors and exterior system is generally done by a huge automobile interior and exterior team.

2、Measuring Element

Geometric dimensions of ordinary appearance, installation hole position, angle between surfaces, etc.


Interiors and exterior systems are mainly classified into two categories, namely structural enclosure and rubber sealing part. The work pieces to measure work pieces of structural enclosure type are required to ensure stability of clamps, however, generally, there are less measurement points, therefor, meeting installation demands and perfectly inserting in corresponding card slots or installation holes during assembly are the key points; however, clamps are not suitable to hold rubber sealing parts due to their soft material, and the sealing parts are naturally placed on platform or manually restored to the original shape in most cases, and it has lower requirements for measurement efficiency. However, more attention is paid to whether it will cause damage to work pieces during measurement.


TZTEK VMA image measuring products apply optical measurement model and non-contact measurement for zero damage. Manually control platform movement to facilitate to check positions of work pieces to be checked at any time. It has functions of measurement and monitoring during measurement. TZTEK VMA instrument is designed with automatic focusing, automatic lighting and other functions of automat, which has lowered the uncertainty caused by artificial engagement in definition and luminance. Meanwhile, the VMA series can also compile measurement tasks and file programmed modes, which ensures consistency of measurement procedures of one work piece at different time points for different products. Among the automatic programming measurement tasks, light source data, Z-axis data and other can all be programmed in, and light source and height can be automatically adjusted during operation. TZTEK VMA instrument applies electronic screens lens of TZTEK patent, and is perfectly combined with Vispec software independently researched and developed by TZTEK as indicated. After achieving manual changeover magnification, it can be directly used. Meanwhile, it features in good hand feeling for screens adjusting and long service life, and achieves variable magnification prompt and other effects.