Powder metallurgy is a process where metal powder is produced or used as raw material to manufacture metallic materials, composite material and various products by forming and sintering. Advantages of powder metallurgy have made it the key to find new materials, and play a role of vital importance in the development of new materials.
Powder metallurgy involves powder manufacture and product manufacture. Among which, powder manufacture mainly involves in metallurgical process with the same meaning of literal meaning. While product manufacture in powder metallurgy goes beyond the range of material and metallurgy in most cases, being an interdisciplinary (material and metallurgy, machine and mechanics, etc.) technology. Especially that the contemporary 3D printing of metal powder integrates mechanical engineering, CAD, reverse engineering technology, laminated manufacturing, CNC technology, material science and laser technology, which makes the product manufacture technology in powder metallurgy a contemporary comprehensive technology.

2、Measuring Element

Tolerance measurement for geometric dimension, planeness, location degree and other forms and positions


1. Fast production requires higher measurement efficiency, and traditional manual measurement speed cannot ensure that and frequently causes large measurement error.
2. Slow contact measurement cannot ensure production schedule


TZTEK image measuring instrument - an image measuring software designed with powerful functions in this field, especially suitable for measuring products of numerous types and small batches. The functions of automatic focusing, automatic lighting and automatic edge-finding of the software can effectively solve errors caused by manual measurement.
Precise flash measurement increases efficiency by more than 10 times, and dual-telecentric-lens achieves high-coverage measurement, extended depth of field and one-time measurement at different heights. The initial coordinate registration function can achieve automatic matching of work-piece coordinates, one-key positioning and parallel measurement to work pieces in multiple tasks, which has greatly improved measurement efficiency