Electric machinery (commonly known as the "motor") refers to an electromagnetic device that converts or transmits electric energy based on the law of electromagnetic induction. It's indicated as M in the circuit. Its main function is to generate driving torque as the power source for electrical appliances or a variety of machinery. The generator is indicated as G in the circuit, and its main function is to convert the mechanical energy into the electric energy, and the most commonly used is to use the thermal energy, water energy, etc. to promote the generator rotor to generate electricity.
Motor punching is a kind of material that is used to manufacture transformers or motor stators and rotor, its thickness is about 1MM, with the geometric shape of ring or ? ring. Accuracy of its plane geometric parameters has a great impact on the performance of transformers and chips.

2、Measuring Element

Motor punching plane size measurement, such as the circle diameter, width, length, angle, arc, position, etc.


The measured size of motor punching is relatively large with various sizes. In actual measurement, as the punching is relatively thin, manual or non-contact measurement should be adopted instead of contact measurement. However, in general, as the punching is relatively large, it's hard to find the suitable measuring tool


TZTEK - VMG is specifically designed for large-size measurement. It uses the mobile bridge structure, and the maximum size of the platform can reach up to 1200MM*1600MM, which can program the full-automatic measurement, meeting full-size quick measurement of the punching. It uses the high-resolution digital camera that can achieve non-contact quick measurement of sizes to ensure the accuracy and stability of the machine with perfect design and strict production process control.