In the aircraft and missiles and other military and civilian aviation products, composed of plate shell riveting structure is still the aviation product main structure, bulkhead, rib, skinning, siding and other typical sheet metal parts constitute the aerial frame and aerodynamic shape. According to statistics, sheet metal parts accounted for about 50% of the number of aircraft parts, number of process equipment accounted for about 65%, manufacturing work accounted for about 20%, so far there is no which a process can be replaced by, say, sheet metal forming technology is the key of aviation products manufacturing technology. From the demand and manufacturing technology development trend of domestic aviation product development point of view, there is an urgent need to establish aviation products and sheet metal parts precision forming technology and digital integrated manufacturing technology system, to adapt to the digital manufacturing of aviation products.

2、Measuring Element

1)on the existing sheet metal parts of the outline of the model and its various process holes above the physical measurement
2)in order to ensure that the basic model of CNC cutting and sample size accuracy, also need to test the model


At present, the measurement of sheet metal parts is mainly based on the three coordinate measuring machine, which has high precision, but it is difficult to adapt to the rapid digitization of a large number of existing manual sheet metal parts. In recent years, image measuring technology obtained the rapid development, but the existing various image measuring instrument (system), the use of the handle or the mouse as the system input control movement measuring machine to measure the object to be measured, need artificial operation, measurement efficiency is low, can not meet the demand for fast measurement of the large size of the aviation sheet metal template. Therefore, the modern aviation manufacturing industry is in urgent need of a special measurement system for large sheet metal parts, in order to realize the rapid measurement of large size of sheet metal parts.


TZTEK according to the principle of image measurement and the actual application demand planning and design of the overall scheme of the automatic image measurement system for image measuring instrument: by the CCD camera in image acquisition card measured model of image acquisition to the PC machine, through the image processing software carries on the processing to obtain the geometric information of the measured samples, by the motion control system according to the contour information to control the mechanical motion of the platform, the realization of the measured contour template automatic tracing measurement. Combined with measured the specific characteristics of the model of the digital image contour, draws up the design the the system of image processing and vectorization scheme and algorithm, and developed the corresponding image processing and vectorization software, the profile measurements of the sample to be measured, and for aviation sheet metal template contour efficiency in addition to the needs of the practical application of the measurement, the measuring image automatic contour tracking algorithm, the contour of the model of automatic tracking measurement.