Household appliance mainly refers to various electrical and electronic appliances used in household and other similar places, which is also called civilian appliance and daily-use appliance. Household appliance has become necessities for modern family life. Common household appliances include induction cooker parts, television parts, speaker parts, key parts of washing machine, microwave oven parts, etc. As the living quality being improved, pursuit for household appliances has been gradually focusing on integration, durance, security, gracefulness and elegance. Since small-sized work pieces have been manufactured and applied in a wide range, requirements for manufacturing industries related to household appliance have reached a new level, and high-precision and high-efficiency processing and detection have gradually replaced the traditional ways.

2、Measuring Element

Appearance of larger glass panel, silk-screen printing dimensions, metal plate enclosure, measurement arc, and angle


In the case of selecting enclosure of household appliances, besides plastic case and metal plate case, glass materials have been gradually applied as main material in a wide range due to their advantages such as excellent texture, being easy to clean, etc. Kitchen appliances and audio and video appliances feature in larger enclosure volume and complex shape on inner side. Although the three-dimensional model can be applied for spatial structures, its efficiency is much far lagged behind. Appliance manufacturers have been gradually relying on large-stroke image measuring system and CCD scanning measurement with no damage risk and high efficiency.


The TZTEK VMG image system is designed with stroke reaching 1,600mm and 250mm Z-axis space. The unique machine structure is perfectly integrated with linear motor. Measuring speed reaches up to 500mm/s, and acceleration can reach 1,000mm/s^2. It corresponds to measurement demands from space requirement, measurement efficiency and many other aspects to solve customers' difficulties.