The engine is a machine that is able to convert other forms of energy into mechanical energy, such as the internal combustion engine (gasoline engine, etc.), the external combustion engine (steam engine, etc.), the electric motor, etc. The engine is applicable to both the power generating device and the entire machine including the power device. The engine was born in Britain, therefore, the concept of the engine is also from English. Its original meaning refers to a "mechanical device that generates power". The cavity of the engine is an important part of the engine.

2、Measuring Element

1) Appearance size detection, mainly test the length and width and the roundness of the aperture on the cavity.
2) Automatic measurement, high requirements for efficiency


In the past, there are two methods to measure such kind of work pieces: 
(1) using the caliper to measure, with larger human error and long measurement time.
(2) using the contact measurement, which can reduce the human error. However, the measurement principle is to measure by dotting with low measurement efficiency, thus failing to ensure the production efficiency.


TZTEK image measuring instrument is composed of several major parts, including the main body of the machine, scale system, image system, drive control system, measurement software, etc. Very fast computing will greatly improve the speed of size detection, save time, increase the utilization rate of the machine, reduce the shutdown period of the machine and cut the production costs. In addition, vision measurement can avoid the fatigue caused by manual labor for a long time, and reduce the labor intensity of inspectors, thus reducing the error rate and ensuring the precision and accuracy of detection. Therefore, it is applicable to quality inspection of products in mass production. In addition, TZTEK image measuring instrument can complete quick measurement, shape matching, etc. for tiny dimensions. Therefore, the advantages of high precision, long working hours with steady status and non-contact measurement, etc. of TZTEK image measuring instrument has effectively improved the quality of production and the degree of production automation.