Magnetic materials, referred to as the magnetic material is ancient and very extensive use of functional materials, modern magnetic materials has been widely used in our life. For example, the permanent magnetic material used as a motor, used in the transformer core material, as the memory of the use of a magnetic disc, computer with a magnetic recording disk. It can be said that the material and information technology, automation, electromechanical integration, national defense and national economy.Fe, CO and Ni are the basic components of three kinds of ferromagnetic elements. According to the magnetic material (main composition, magnetic characteristics, structural characteristics) product shape classification:
From the application function, magnetic material is divided into: soft magnetic materials, permanent magnetic materials, magnetic recording - moment of magnetic materials, magnetic materials, etc.. Soft magnetic materials, permanent magnetic materials, magnetic recording - rectangular magnetic materials with metal material and ferrite material; and gyromagnetic materials and high-frequency soft magnetic materials can only be ferrite materials, because the metal under high frequency and microwave frequency will produce huge eddy current effect, resulting in metal magnetic material can not be used, and the resistivity of ferrite is very high, effectively overcome the problem, has been widely used.
Magnetic materials from the form, including powder materials, liquid materials, bulk materials, film materials, etc.

2、Measuring Element

Detection of magnetic detection such as the appearance of outer diameter, inner diameter, thickness, angle, width, concentricity, R angle and radius.


Now many company production line for magnetic material of some size is detected by using vernier caliper of, fatal problems due to production is now the large-scale automation production, exist in the measurement method is detection speed is much less than the production rate, and thus the detection procedure is to restrict the production efficiency of the bottleneck.The size of some components using the above method or cannot be tested, as measured by magnetic thin elliptical in detecting need of the multi diameter test, but manual inspection cannot guarantee multiple measurements obtained the diameter does not repeat, and measuring the diameter can not be on the circumference uniformly distribution, and test data is not reliable.


With the development of laser technology, the precise calculation of the grating manufacturing technology, the rapid development of computer technology and image acquisition and processing technology, has begun to apply them to the field of precision measurement, and the formation of a new measurement technology, image processing technology. TZTEK is based on optics and integrated optoelectronics, computer technology, laser technology, image processing technology of modern science, composed of optical, mechanical, electrical, computer and control technology and the integration of the integrated measurement system, it is at present days the companys image measuring instrument. It uses image acquisition of the workpiece image measurement, through digital image processing technology to extract a variety of complex shape surface coordinate points, converted into various geometric elements in spatial coordinates measurement by a coordinate transformation and data processing technology, and calculates the workpiece to be measured is the actual size, shape and position of the relationship.
Days the company launched the VMU imaging instrument is especially suitable for the measurement of magnetic materials, etc. various kinds of workpiece size, the highest accuracy up to 1.5 m, leading in the peer, using batch automatic measurement, automatic extraction of contour function, greatly improve the magnetic detection efficiency and labor intensity. Such as Ningbo, a production of magnets state-level key high-tech enterprises, production and operation of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnetic materials, automobile motor, start motor, elastic components, such as magnetic materials, its products are main control contour dimensions and angles of the measuring element, not to buy imaging instrument before, by measuring the artificial, of small size, surface contour, the online test problems become for measuring the size of the problem, buy day quasi automatic imaging instrument, accuracy of measurement results, measurement efficiency and the measurement of the degree of automation very satisfied.