Hardware fitting refers to machine parts or components made of hardware and some small hardware products. They can be used separately, or used as accessories. For example, hardware tools, hardware components, daily-use hardware, building hardware, security products, etc. Most small hardware products are not end consumer goods, but used as auxiliary products, semi-finished products, production tools and others in industrial manufacture.

2、Measuring Element

Axial diameter, bench height; hole position, degree of symmetry and other outline dimensions and end surface dimensions


As the most commonly used structural accessory or suite, work pieces are generally not large, but at extremely high yield. Faced with the ultra large daily yield, there are too many problems of caliper, projector and 2D measuring machine even if random inspection is applied. Number of hardware fitting models is quite large, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands in an ordinary processing factory, which brings large programming task to traditional measurement tools and easily causes errors even if programmed measurement is applied. Measurement efficiency does not match well with manufacturing rhythm, and influences yield and quality.


Confronted with such demand for ultra-fast measurement, TZTEK has independently developed VMQ flash image measuring system integrated with excellent machine vision technology, innovative machine concepts and unique software algorithm of TZTEK, which has greatly improved hardware fitting measurement speed and can complete measurement of multiple work pieces in the same view field (100mm diameter) within 1 second and automatically output data to determine it is OK/NG. It is not required to manufacture clamp during operation. It can be placed on the glass bench randomly and can complete measurement and data output only by pressing the button with the precision reaching up to 2um.