Sealing ring is a rubber ring with rounded cross section, which is also called O-shaped sealing ring due to its O-shaped cross section. It is most widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems.
It is mainly used to prevent leakage of liquid and gas medium from mechanical components in static conditions. In some cases the sealing rings can also be used as dynamic sealing components for the axial reciprocating movement and low-speed rotation. Different materials can be respectively selected based on different conditions.

2、Measuring Element

Inner and outer diameters of sealing ring, thicknesses and concentricities in different positions


1. Due to the strict requirements for precision for sealing rings, universal tool microscope and projector cannot meet such precision requirements.
2. Its outline is in arc or circular shape, and ordinary bottom light observation will easily cause shadow and it is difficult to identify its outline
3. Due to its soft material, elasticity and being easy to deform, it is not easy to be applied to contact measurement


TZTEK VMQ image measuring instrument can reach up to 5μm in terms of measurement precision, and be equipped with lenticular profile light. It applies parallel light as bottom light vertically irradiating to edges, and this can eliminate outline shadow and improve edge definition.
TZTEK Vispec software can be used to measure roundness, concentricity, diameter, interval and other conventional items, all dimensions of sealing ring can be obtained by pressing one button on the premise of well programmed procedure, which can greatly improve measurement efficiency.
The function of equant circle specially developed for sealing rings by TZTEK can obtain thickness values of different positions by press one button after extracting work piece images, thus enabling surveyors to determine whether the work piece is OK in shorter time.