The glass cover plate is the glass layer on the surface of the touch screen. The 2.5D curved glass screen is most common on the market. Its main feature is that the edge of the screen protection glass of the mobile phone uses the 2.5D curved design, and only the edge of the screen glass is curved. The screen is still pure flat, and the protection glass covered on the top of the screen is pure flat except for the edge. The glass cover plate is mainly used in smart phones, tablets, LCD screens and other types of touch screens.

2、Measuring Element

Dimension, distance, hole position, etc.


With the development of the smart electronic equipment, LCD screens and touch screens can be seen everywhere. With the increase of the market, manufacturers often need to seek for balance in terms of production and quality, and the detection efficiency has increased from 1 pcs in one minute to 1 pcs in seconds. With the development of integration and the electronic information industry, holes often need to be drilled on glass panels to deal with signal transmission. The position of the hole needs high-precision positioning detection.


As for the high balance requirements for the efficiency and accuracy of the glass cover plate market, TZTEK VMQ432 can perfectly realize the measurement of 1pcs glass in 3s with the feature of a high coverage, and the 400mm*300mm large platform design can accommodate 4 to 5 mobile phone glasses at one time, thus reducing the time of material loading and unloading. In addition, this instrument is equipped with the 12-megapixel camera and the double-rate system to reduce the detection error to 2um.