With the popularization of touch-screen mobile phones, manufacturers keep searching for effective technology upgrade approaches, hoping to stand out in the intensive market competition by virtue of the latest technology and best quality. As one of the most important parts of touch screen, increasingly strict requirements are proposed for manufacturing and inspection of plane dimensions, flatness and other geometric quantities for mobile phone panel. 
To ensure qualification rate of relevant dimensions during production and manufacturing, it is necessary to ensure fast and stable operation of measurement equipment and precise measurement data. The function of plane measurement with high precision and efficiency developed by TZTEK can collect thousands of spots on surface of mobile panel by adding laser accessories, which has greatly facilitated high-precision and high-efficiency flat dimension measurement.

2、Measuring Element

Flatness, R angle, geometric dimension, touch control conducting particles


1) Traditional focusing measurement mode is applied to measure flatness, with low speed and poor precision;
2) Difficulty to capture in R angle measurement, with low repeatability;
3) The circuits and conducting particles are extremely small in touch screen, and ordinary lens can hardly capture images;
4) It frequently requires whole inspection, and equipment activation is low;


1) Automatic projector is added with laser to measure flatness, with the precision reaching up to 3μm, and its measurement speed is at least 5 times of image focusing;
2) Vispec software provides the function of "R angle" measurement, which can automatically identify R angle tangent point, capture R angle of the maximum arc, to achieve high repeatability and intelligent extraction.
3) It can automatically measure multiple products in batches.