Mobile phone membrane material constitutes a critical component of backlight module, which is designed mainly to improve front lightness (also called or axial lightness) of LCD module.
As the requirement for backlight module of mobile phones gets increasingly strict, the requirement for selection of optical membrane material and dimension control becomes increasingly strict.

2、Measuring Element

Inspection of appearance sizes of mobile phone membrane material, such as width, length, angle, R angle, etc.


Due to the large size of mobile phone membrane material and higher requirement for precision, on the one hand, it is impossible to use contact measurement during measurement practice, and on the other hand, projectors are applied in most traditional measurement methods to directly measure appearance dimension and other geometric quantities. The indistinct image capturing on frame of membrane material makes it difficult to ensure the required error range of membrane materials, especially that burrs during processing will influence dimension measurement at the edging chamfer.


TZTEK image measuring instrument applies high-resolution digital camera which has totally surpassed ordinary projector in terms of image capturing. The functions of automatic capturing and burr removal make the capture process simpler and faster, and can also avoid effects of burrs on dimensions.