The connector is also called connectors, also known as joint and socket, generally refers to the electrical connector. It is an integrated circuit board in the current, voltage and the various switching capacity of the transmission components, the size and appearance of the quality has a strict requirements.
Connector products division although some confusion, but from the point of view of technology, connector products of only two basic classification approach:
According to the outline structure: circular and rectangular (cross section);
According to the working frequency: low frequency and high frequency (with 3MHz as the boundary).
According to the above division, coaxial connectors are round, printed circuit connector is rectangular (from the point of view of history, printed circuit connector is indeed from the rectangular connector separated a class), and the section of the popular rectangular connector is trapezoidal, approximate shape in the moment.

2、Measuring Element

The detection task: to measure the size of a connector and rounded radian and width, R angle
Detection accuracy: the size of the largest 0.01mm, different types of dimensional accuracy of different; round angle: 0.1 degrees


With the increasing function of connector, whose structure is more and more complex, volume also become more and more miniaturized, so on the quality of the product performance testing bring great challenges. Traditional detection methods mainly rely on the operator with other detection tools, such as micrometer, magnifying glass, three coordinate measuring instrument, such as visual or semi automatic measurement, this method exist inaccurate detection, low efficiency, labor costs over the disadvantage of high, seriously affecting the production efficiency of products.


TZTEK of independent development of company Vispec measurement software on the part of the special position, such as array products connector, programming does not require full scan, copy extraction method is used, completely avoid the human intervention, greatly reduce programming costs. The replication functions include translation, rotation, mirror and coordinate system to achieve high efficiency, high repeatability, high reliability of the detection and measurement process. After the system is set up, it can automatically identify, detect and measure. If an exception occurs, the system may be prompted to alarm or control the machine down. Can not meet the requirements of the workpiece can be output control signal, kicked waste products.