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Automobiles, large-scale equipment and other products usually contain thousands of parts in all sizes. Every part needs to go through multiple warehouses for inventory management from a smaller part, a semi-finished product to a finished product, which is very cumbersome. A high or low inventory will have a significant impact on the operating costs and production line operations of the Company. The Intelligent Warehousing System can help auto parts companies realize scientific planning and intelligent operation, reduce operating costs, as well as improve operational efficiency and capital usage efficiency while making full use of storage space and saving labor costs.

Project Overview

The Intelligent Warehousing System for Auto Parts of TZTEK mainly consists of the bin stacker, the endless-belt conveyor system, the inbound and outbound conveying system, the racking system, the AGV system, the RF management system, the bar code system, the visualization system, and the WMS/WCS system. The scientific design not only provides a solution for automatic warehousing/delivery of parts and semi-finished products, as well as for online sorting of parts, but also realizes automatic caching and return conveying of empty containers, thereby greatly reducing the labor intensity of personnel and improving work efficiency and operational efficiency.

Program Advantage

1. The conveying system can convey two kinds of bins simultaneously.

2. In the middle of the endless-belt conveyor system, the conveyor directly extends into the rack to improve the working efficiency of the stacker.

3. The sorting zone is visualized, allowing the sorting personnel to observe it clearly.

4. Empty bins and the bins to be sorted can be cached online with the endless-belt conveyor system.