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Electronic products are featured by fast speed of advancing, strong timeliness and diverse types. The raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products vary in size, shape, and specification in the manufacturing process, in addition to the trivial business processes for daily access and inventory, which has posed a severe challenge to the logistics and warehousing of electronic manufacturing enterprises, making it imperative to carry out efficient, low-cost, lean, standardized and intelligent warehousing management.

Project Overview

TZTEK Electronics Manufacturing Intelligent Warehousing System adopts all-ecological intelligent material management design, integrates efficient and intelligent warehousing logistics software management system and reliable hardware equipment (pallet stacker, inbound conveying system, outbound conveying system, sorting system, RF management system, bar code system, interface system, WMS/WCS system, etc.), which can not only fully realize intelligent warehousing, automatic sorting, distribution and inventory of materials, but also perfect warehouse management, improve inventory efficiency, avoid human errors, reduce operating costs, and fully address the variety of product SKUs, thus achieving informationalized, intelligent and refined warehouse management.

Program Advantage

1. The Intelligent Warehousing System can realize the accurate distribution of materials based on the station information by integrating with ERP, MES and other systems, and realize the automatic updating of the close data when the production line materials are returned to the warehouse by interconnecting to the production line data.

2. The Intelligent Warehousing System can realize a series of flow actions of materials from the warehouse to the production line, including storage, sorting, distribution, inventory and delivery, etc., and according to the real-time demand of the production line, enable materials to be automatically conveyed and precisely arrive at the production line, and the tailings to be returned to the warehouse after checking.