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Affected by the unfavorable factors such as the slowdown of China's domestic PV subsidies and the 531 New Deal in recent years, PV companies are facing heavy cash flow pressure. The general improvement of global PV industry technology has led to the continuous decline in the price of PV products. Cost decreasing and efficiency increasing are the only way for PV companies to survive. Due to large floor space, low management efficiency, high requirements for flow protection, and large manual inputs, the traditional "stereoscopic warehouse" is not suitable for PV products which are characterized by light weight, small size and high value. Therefore, automated, lean and intelligent inventory management has become one of the major cost decreasing and efficiency increasing measures adopted by major PV companies.

Project Overview

TZTEK PV Intelligent Warehousing System adopts three-dimensional and intelligent material management design, and integrates with efficient and intelligent warehousing logistics software management system and reliable hardware equipment (consisting of bending rail stacker system, racking system, RGV trolley system, AGV trolley system, RF system, WMS/WCS system, etc.), which can not only save storage land, reduce storage and transportation losses, and realize automatic flow of materials (including automatic packaging, stacking, conveying, distribution, etc.), but also increase the efficiency of material transfer, reduce labor input, improve warehouse management, lower down unnecessary inventory, and alleviate capital pressure.

Program Advantage

1. The bending rail stacker and double deep racks ensure the large storage density and high cost performance.

2. Two pallets, a big one and a small one, are used. The big one is for automatic separation and automatic supply.

3. A LED liquid crystal display screen is set next to the warehouse, and the equipment operation status and storage location status are clear at a glance, thereby realizing visual management.