CCMT2016 - Forever Industrial Age

2016-04-26  views:931

On April 11-15, 2016, the 9th China CNC Machine Tools Expo (CCMT2016) was grandly opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a leading brand of precision measurement in China, TZTEK introduced 4 classic bestselling models and provided professional technical explanations, perfect solutions and thoughtful measurement experience to clients at the exhibition site.

(TZTEK booth surrounded by crowds)

Vision Measurement Leader

Increasing attention is paid to product details by users as the intelligent production is replacing artificial production day by day, and even a nuance of micron matters to user experience. TZTEK VMU series of high-end image measuring instrument, with a measuring accuracy of 1.5 micrometers, meets high measurement standards of customers and improves the production efficiency and market competitiveness of enterprises.

“Big” Is Visible  

Although it may not arouse much praise if speaking of “big size” in life, the measurement of “big size” never ceases. TZTEK VMU gantry-type image measurement instrument has perfectly solved lots of measurement efficiency and accuracy issues in PCB, LCD, sheet metal, aerospace and other industries and provided a wide range of large-stroke measurement cases to demonstrate its performance advantages in multiple aspects and the ability to save costs for customers while improving production efficiency.

Cute & Powerful

For mass and small-size or single and multi-size workpieces, the VMQ flash image measurement instrument can easily solve measurement problems with one key. It integrates an innovative measurement concept of fast flash measurement, to realize a perfect match of software and hardware and ensure optimal measurement speed and data reliability. Additionally, plenty of external interfaces are also configured so that the equipment can be customized and integrated on various production lines for fast online measurement.

More Efficient Measurement

Convenient, simple, and easy to use, are the best interpretation of the VMA HM image measurement instrument that is based on the excellent hardware and software technology for auto image instrument of TZTEK, equipped with manual image measurement software, combined with powerful report output and data processing functions, to make the measurement on small-batch and multi-type workpieces much easier and efficient

(Solving measurement difficulties for customers)

The progress of industry promotes the improvement of productivity, and the innovation of science follows the pace of the times. With the end of CCMT, a new journey has quietly begun. The Chongqing Lijia International Machinery Exhibition on May 11-15, 2016 will bring back a visual feast and TZTEK will cause a sensation again!